Aug. 28, 2008
Parkersburg Animal Shelter Asks for Help After Puppy Mill Raid
By Tony Rutherford Reporter
Parkersburg, WV (HNN) – Adoptable dogs rescued in the Parkersburg puppy mill seizure will likely be available for adoption Aug. 30, said Carrie Roe, president of the Humane Society of Parkersburg.
Approximately one thousand dogs were removed from the puppy mill with the assistance of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department and County Prosecuting Attorney Ginny Conley.
“While these were not the worst conditions I have ever witnessed, it is impossible for anyone to properly care for 1,000 dogs,” said Conley.
The dogs are predominately dachshunds, but many Yorkies, King Charles Cavaliers and Poodles were bred and housed in dilapidated sheds throughout the rural property.
“We’ve had so many calls about when dogs are going to be available. Our focus over the next few days is to move a large number of the dogs to different rescue groups around the region that are better able to socially rehabilitate and place such significant numbers. The dogs that will be available locally are those that are ready to go into new homes right now. There will not be enough ready to place dogs to meet the demand,” Ms. Conley wrote.
The dogs in need of rehabilitation and foster care prior to permanent placement will be given to such organizations as the Dachshund Rescue of North America, Virginia Beach SPCA, Best Friends (special needs dogs), North Shore Animal League, Ohio Federation of Humane Societies , Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue/ English Toy Rescue, Purebred Rescue of Ohio and others.
Currently, the shelter needs monetary donations, clean towels, and rolled newspapers. Donations should be taken or sent to the shelter at 29th and Poplar.
Dogs raised in a puppy mill have not had daily human contact , and, thus, must be placed in a supportive environment where they learn socialization around humans.
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