Jan. 15, 2007
Capito Statement on President's New Iraq Strategy
By HNN Staff, from U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito press release
Washington, DC (HNN) - Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) made the following statement in response to President Bush's new Iraq strategy:
"Adjustments in Iraq are obviously needed, and I welcome the president's efforts to bring about these badly needed changes. However, I have grave concerns regarding the call for increased American troop numbers in Iraq and am skeptical of this new plan's success. I believe the escalating sectarian violence in Iraq requires a political solution, not a military solution rooted in increased numbers of American troops.
"I commend the president for recognizing that past strategies have failed to meet expectations, and for sending a clear message to the Iraqi government that America's patience is limited and our commitment not open-ended. Success in Iraq is vital, and the time for the Iraqi government to step up and lead is now.
"While I may not agree with the president's decision to place more troops in Iraq, I will not waiver in my support for our men and women in uniform. It is my hope that Republicans and Democrats can work together to ensure our troops in harms way have all the resources needed to effectively execute their mission in order to start bringing them home. I will not vote with those who wish to withhold funding to our troops in combat; it only endangers our brave men and women."