May 24, 2006
22-Year-Old Arabian Race Horse Claims ‘Triple Crown’
By HNN Staff
Manheim, PA (HNN) – In sharp contrast to the tragic injury on May 20, 2006 of racing superstar Barbaro, a 22-year-old Arabian stallion has just claimed title to a new “Triple Crown.” Striking a three-pronged, international broadcast deal with the Animal Radio Network, Nahgua -- featured in the novel “Fate of the Stallion” -- defies the odds when it comes to horses his age.
"It just goes to prove, age has nothing to do with it and I should know,” says 55-year-old author Ron Hevener.
Hevener, whose novels feature adventurous people in their seventies and beyond, describes the deal as "groundbreaking." First published privately and now in its second printing, the novel takes place in Pennsylvania and is based on a true story.
"Pennsylvania has some incredible racehorses and heart-grabbing stories," says Hevener. "Afleet Alex, Smarty Jones, Barbaro and Nahgua. Don't forget Walter Farley, who wrote the Black Stallion adventures. He was from Pennsylvania, too."
Following its Internet broadcast, the story will be aired on 90 radio stations in major markets across the nation. Asked about further details of the broadcast deal, Hevener just says, "Stay tuned."
Nahgua, meanwhile, appears unfazed by all the attention his success is bringing to Arabian racing at places like Delaware Park, Los Alamitos and the California Fair circuit. As an official Arabian Racing Cup sire, he's busy greeting visitors to the farm and making foals for next year.
"Fate of the Stallion!" will be aired in a series of five, one-hour, broadcasts beginning May 27 on A complete airing of the story is scheduled for Memorial Day, May 29, beginning at 5 p.m. (PST).
Editor’s Note: HNN Book Critic David M. Kinchen reviewed Ron Hevener’s “High Stakes” last December. It’s about dog racing and is set in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.