Nov. 4, 2007
Liz Raese Launches New Conservative Political Group
By HNN Staff
Cheat Lake, WV (HNN) -- On a spectacular autumn afternoon and with over 100 women political activists and elected officials from across West Virginia, Liz Raese launched a new group called, "Conservative Women of West Virginia" Saturday at historic Greer Mansion near Morgantown.
Raese, the wife of Greer Industries CEO John Raese, a former State GOP Chairman, said on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007, that she wanted to give back to those women activists who have fought hard for conservative causes in West Virginia over the years.
"The number of the women--and the character of the women--who made the trip to Cheat Lake from across the state really give me hope for the future of our state," Liz Raese said after the event. "These are smart, politically astute women who have a variety of roles in life: they are mothers, wives, professionals, retirees, and stay-at-home moms. But we all agree that the 2008 election is crucial and that we must get more involved now. This new group will help bring conservative women together and be a potent force in 2008 and beyond."

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