Oct. 16, 2010
Maynard, Rahall Spar on EPA’s Recommended Veto of Spruce Fork No. 1 Mine Permit
By Tony Rutherford
Huntingtonnews.net Reporter
Williamson, WV (HNN) - Rep. Nick Rahall and challenger Spike Maynard, Republican candidate for Congress, both found the EPA denial of the Spruce Fork Mine Permit objectionable.
"This is just awful for people in the coalfields. It is stunning in its cruelty. My heart goes out to the miners and their families. This is an unprecedented decision, rescinding a previously issued permit. Now 500 good jobs will disappear.
If you didn't know that there's a war on West Virginia coal miners, you sure know it now. Nick Rahall has been in Washington thirty-four years, and he can't even get us a permit? He's impotent. So much for his supposed seniority and influence.”
Contrary to the Maynard camp’s implication of Rahall’s support of the EPA Action, Rahall called the recommended veto as setting a “disturbing precedent for the course of coal mine permitting that will undermine the confidence of investors and intensify the concerns of miners already on edge about the future of their careers. I am firmly against the EPA’s proposed of this permit, granted in 2007.”
While Maynard claims “Barack Obama , Nancy Pelosi, Nick Rahall and their friends at the EPA are determined to destroy coal,” Rahall complained about the EPA decision making the permitting process worthless. “I hope that the EPA will rethink this ill-considered veto recommendation before it finalizes this decision,” Rahall said.
Maynard asserted that Rahall has not fought hard enough for these jobs in Southern West Virginia.
Rahall stressed, “Reaching that delicate balance between energy development and environmental protection is achievable, if all agencies will work diligently toward that goal. However, this action on a permit that was the subject of over 10 years of environmental negotiations and granted only after many improvements to the mine plan, serves to further undermine any credibility EPA may have had and undercuts long-running efforts to achieve clarity and certainty in the surface coal mine permitting process.”

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