July 30, 2009
STS FOUNDATION: Exchange Program for International High School Students in Huntington, Bluefield
Special to Huntingtonnews.net/Bluefieldnews.net
Our nonprofit exchange program brings cultural diversity and understanding to local families in Bluefield and Huntington via high school international exchange students. STS Foundation has been placing and supervising high school exchange students across the United States since 1986. This year, we are hoping to place over 400 students for the 2009 - 2010 school year.
The secondary school exchange programs have been part of the American culture since 1949. Today, about 30,000 exchange students visit our shores every year for a semester or full year program. STS Foundation helps foster international relationships and goodwill in communities across the USA each year. The willingness of families to host exchange student is the most important part of the program´s success.
STS Foundation has a diverse pool of students, coming from more than 25 countries across the globe. These students are interviewed in their home countries, and only the ones that exhibit the highest academic standards and moral character are chosen for the program. Once they are accepted, local STS Representatives interview prospective host families. Host families are responsible for providing meals and a nurturing and caring environment for the students.
I am submitting this press release to encourage families in your community to host an international exchange student for the upcoming school year. I have attached information on several of the students that can be used in the press release. Thank you for your time. Please contact me, Nubia Torres at nubia81@yahoo.com or Brian Margrave at brian@stsfoundation.org or at 1800.522.4678.
Here are three students, typical of international students who want to live and study in the U.S.:
My name is Silvia. I was born in Italy in September of ’92. I am 5’7” & 128 lbs. I attend Catholic Mass about once every month. My mom is a secretary and my father is a medic. I have a 12 yr old brother at home. I have had 8 yrs of English, 3 yrs of German & 2 yrs of French. I love horseback riding, playing volleyball, reading & listening to music. I live in a small village in the countryside called Campiglia. I like it very much even though I still enjoy going to the city fairly often. I love going to the gym. I love to take a nap when I first get home from school and then eat dinner and do my lessons. My biggest passion is HORSES!!! We have four horses at home. I love to go riding with my family & friends. During the summer I go up to the mountains on a 10 day horseback riding trip with a big group. I have done classical dance for 5 yrs and I have been playing volleyball for our school for quite some time & I really enjoy this. I would enjoy playing sports of any kind for my school while I am in the US if it is possible. I am interested in studying medicine, photography, US History, and Journalism.
Hi. My name is Borui. I was born in China in April of ’93. I am 6’ and 150 lbs. My mom is in administration and my dad is a salesman. I have a strong command of the English language and extremely fluent. I don’t have any brothers or sisters at home. I AM CRAZY ABOUT BASKETBALL~!!! I am the captain of my high school team & I am really good at this sport. I am at the highest level of play without being professional. I am learning to play guitar and I play the piano. I really love to cook and I can teach you to make some different Chinese dishes like dumplings. My basketball team won the championship title last year. I love watching NBA games on TV. My favorite players are Allan Iverson, because he never gives up…ever. He plays each match as if it were his last. His passion and intensity for the sport inspires me in a big way. I love my parents very much… I am very close to my mom. I can’t wait to tell you all about my culture and learn about yours. I have so much to tell you and not enough space. I hope I get to play basketball while I am there. This is going to be an unforgettable experience for all of us. We are going to be so happy together!!! We will keep in touch and be friends forever and I will come back to visit you and you will come to China to visit me.
My name is Hanna. I was born in Germany in June of ’92. My mom is a school teacher. My most favorite things to do in the world are playing VOLLEYBALL & HORSEBACK RIDING~!!! I also enjoy swimming, sailing, playing basketball, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, dancing & I Love painting & drawing~!!! My favorite classes in school are English, Math, physics, sports & Latin. I am studying for a career in Environmental Engineering for energy solutions that are more efficient and not only preserve but enhance nature and our environment. I really am not fond of cold or rainy weather…I had much rather summer time sun and heat. I love nature and being outside in it… I love the openness and the smell of the trees and the grass, the sounds and smells of the horses natural scent, alfalfa, sweet feed, leather the sound of the wind in the trees or the sound of a flowing brook. I like to work in the garden to relax, I also really like to sing all throughout the house…especially in the shower or while I’m cleaning.
Host Families are volunteers who are to provide room & board, along with a safe, nurturing environment. Children of families who host will receive a scholarship to study abroad. Students are between the ages of 15 & 18. Students have their own money & health insurance.
Editor's Note: There are excellent year-round horseback riding facilities at Pipestem Resort State Park, not far from Bluefield in Summers County, WV. http://www.pipestemresort.com/recreation.html
In the Huntington area, Heritage Farm is among the many facilities that offer horseback riding: http://www.bnbfinder.com/West-Virginia/Huntington/Bed-and-Breakfast/Listing/19530/Heritage_Farm_Museum_and_Village

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