Feb. 25, 2009
Let the Mini Trucks Roll Legally?
By Tony Rutherford
Huntingtonnews.net Reporter
Charleston, WV (HNN) – State Senators Evan Jenkins and Bob Plymale have introduced a bill that would add language to a state statute permitting cities to use so-called mini-trucks.
Although these motor vehicles have been specifically regulated in West Virginia, a prior executive director of the Huntington Municipal Parking Board determined they could be used by meter maids for issuing parking tickets. Once purchased, a controversy developed with the State Motor Vehicles Commissioner stating they could not be licensed.
Now, the two senators have added language to the sub-section of state law which defines the “mini-truck” term and allows municipalities to use them.
As written, the “mini truck” is a vehicle manufactured and designed primarily for off-road use with engines in size from 550cc to 660cc and weighing approximately 1,800 pounds. The amendment continues: “Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary, mini-trucks may be operated within the city limits of municipalities at speeds at or under 25 miles per hour for official use by the municipality.”
The bill would also a ensure that the mini-trucks could be titled.

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