May 17, 2008
Movie Palace Wedding; Former Employee Returns to Keith to Tie Knot; Proposal at Marquee Pullman

By Tony Rutherford Reporter
Huntington, WV (HNN) – Having been the scene of world premieres, performances by the famous, and New Year’s Eve parties, the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center added something new to its repertoire. Though it’s happened often enough projected from celluloid, a loving Huntington couple will walk down its long aisles and exchange vows on stage, Saturday, May 17.
However, a special event occurred Friday night, May 16, at Marquee Pullman Square: A proposal in Auditorium #1 and, yes, Jessica said, ‘yes” to Ben’s proposal.
Explaining that on their first date “we watched a movie here… The Fantastic Four,” Ben had made prior arrangements with management to temporarily have an empty auditorium so the proposal could be done privately. Wiping away a tear of happiness, Jessica and Ben together agreed they had happily seen “too many [movies] to count” at Marquee Pullman since their first date.
The couple left to pick up reservations for dinner; no specific date for the nuptials has been set.
But Saturday afternoon, it’s the real “I do” vows for Jessica Taylor and James Greyly at the Keith Albee.

Taylor called it a “gorgeous building” which both of them really like. After searching other places around the city, they decided on the 1928 theatre. “My fiancé has done a lot of work for them [as an attorney] and used to work here for several years during college,” she added.
“I asked if they would be willing to let us use it and they said yes,” Greyly said. “We’ve started a trend, I think they are going to start using it for weddings in the future. We’re the guinea pigs.”
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