Dec. 22, 2007
Leah Hickman Found Dead in Own Apt. Building
Body ID Not Positive But Police Sure; Family Notified


By Tony Seaton City Editor
Although Huntington Police said they could not yet make a positive ID, Police Chief Skip Holbrook said at a press conference Friday night that they're sure the body they found earlier Friday is that of missing Marshall Student Leah Hickman.
Hickman's family was notified of the discovery and reporters were asked to give the family time to grieve before trying to ask them any questions about Leah's death.
Hickman had been the object of an intensive search and campaign to find her by friends, family and complete strangers as well as by police for exactly one week from when she was last seen doing dishes at the very apartment where she was found in a crawl space, beside the common-area laundry room in the basement, Friday.
Reporters at the press conference asked and many in the community wonder how it is that Hickman's body could have been right there all along, when early reports indicated that she was expected to be doing laundry the evening she went missing, yet police did not find her.
Most questions reporters asked about that were met with responses that indicated they could not be fully answered yet due to the on-going investigation.
Police say they have neither suspects nor "persons of interest" at this time and of course anyone with any information that might lead them to Leah's murderer is asked to call HPD's Criminal Investigations Unit at 304.696.4420.
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