Aug. 22, 2007
'Teenage Strangler'
More Trivia, Correction on Film Shot in Huntington in 60s
By Tony Rutherford
Huntington News Network Critic
Huntington, WV (HNN) – Now, you know who did it! And, you saw a slightly seductive shower scene that could have been morphed from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.”
After yesterday’s article, I received additional data and a couple of corrections. It seems that the internet movie encyclopedia, Internet Movie Data Base, [IMDB].com has a few inaccuracies.
First, the producer of “Teenage Strangler,” Clark W. Davis, has been dead for over a decade, says Derek Hyman, president of the Greater Huntington Theatre Corp.,[ whose dad, Jack Hyman, was a friend of Clark’s.] In fact, it that friendship that coaxed Davis to loan his 16mm print of the made-in-Huntington feature to a curious college student years ago.
Richard Bartram, [who wants to do a documentary on the making of “Strangler,”] said that Jo Canterbury, (the first victim) was a Miss Huntington USA, runner-up. For trivia buffs, the Miss U.S.A. pageant, in its infancy [and pre-“the Donald”] held two national pageants in Huntington. If I’m not mistaken, they took place at the Uptowner Inn (now Upper Classman). One of the lures was that Jo Ann Odem, the reigning Miss USA , hailed from Huntington.
Bartram indicated that inexperienced actor John Humphries actually traded lines with Stacy Smith, who had the off-Broadway credits.
“Bill Bloom and John Ensign are also listed with their film roles transposed [in IMDB], Bartram said. “Ensign was a local actor, Bloom had some television and film credits, but little of it is listed on IMDB. The other 'experienced' actor was Rick Harris. All three were imports from California and NY.”
Ben Parker, who directed the movie, had a couple page resume. Aside from producing 'scores of shorts for Paramount and the US government,' he was a producer on several 'Gangbusters' episodes and was an uncredited director on the film 'The Invisible Avenger' -- edited from pilot episodes for an unsold 'The Shadow' television series,” Bartram said.
“James Wong Howe received the director credit, but Ben Parker was involved in the re-release version titled 'Bourbon Street Shadows' which included added footage of strip clubs, as a means to market the film to an 'adult' audience.”

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