Sept. 14, 2006
Details of ‘We Are Marshall’ World Premiere Partly Depend on Keith Albee Configuration
By Tony Rutherford
Huntington News Network Writer
Huntington, WV (HNN) -- Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, and David Strathairn and the rest of the “We Are Marshall” stars will be coming to the film’s world premiere Dec. 12, 2006 at the Keith Albee.
A portion of the movie was shot inside the theatre, which details how several injured team members learned the news of the crash Nov. 14, 1970 while watching a movie. They then rushed out of the movie palace to Tri-State Airport.
Instead of the traditional red carpet, the stars and filmmakers will walk a green carpet, Spears said.
However, before tickets can go on sale, the reconfiguration of the Keith must be finished. Until the partitions are removed, the number of available seats in the full main auditorium cannot be determined. Spears said you have to know where the seats are before you can put them on sale.
The premiere at the Keith and a formal black tie gala likely at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena will run hundreds of dollars. However, Spears has not ruled out one or more “overflow” sites, including the possibility of showings at Marquee Pullman Square. Guests attending the premiere will receive a souvenir ticket.
Although Spears earlier complimented the December 12 date as one which will allow the movie to show before the conclusion of the fall semester, the details concerning student prices, if any, have not yet been finalized.