April 2, 2005
HPD Question ‘Person of Interest’ Steven Dale McCallister in Probe into Death of Ohio Woman
HNN Photo Archive Imageby Tony Rutherford
Huntington News Network Writer

Huntington (HNN) — Friday afternoon, April 1, 2005, Steven Dale McCallister, 31, who been labeled a “person of interest” by Det. Sperry was taken into custody for questioning by Huntington police investigating the death of Angela Schneider, 29, of Chesapeake, Ohio. Detective Chris Sperry indicated that “several subjects” are being interviewed in an attempt to “get the facts” surrounding Schneider’s death.
Sperry could not comment on the cause of death at this time, but a police incident report labeled the death as a homicide.
Earlier Friday, Sperry explained that McCallister had been labeled a “person of interest.” Sperry said McCallister may be driving a late 1980s or 1990s red Chevrolet Camaro with black tint covers over the tail lights.
The woman’s body was found March 31 at 7:15 a.m. by Harold Fijnvandra, who was driving ahead of ROTC cadets on a road march in a section of Kennon Hills near Beuhring Drive. According to one cadet, the red-haired, 85 lbs. woman was nude except for her socks.
The police report indicated that her body was located about 70 yards from the entrance of Beuhring Drive. Anyone with information is asked to contact H.P.D. at 696-4420.
BREAKING NEWS: HPD Question ‘Person of Interest’ Steven Dale McCallister in Probe into Death of Ohio Woman
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