April 7, 2005
Featured Business: The Old Village Roaster
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Cam's Ham by Eve Marcum-Atkinson
Huntington News Network Writer
Huntington (HNN) — When you walk down 4th Avenue, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans hits your senses. The Old Village Roaster, an old favorite of the downtown shoppers, hosts specialty gourmet coffees roasted here in Huntington. One can also find them within Empire Books and News at Pullman Square. Said Vicky Cooper, co-owner of The Old Village Roaster, "My husband [Pete] and I opened this location [at Empire Books & News] on February 1, 2005. For our primary location, we're coming up on an anniversary. May 1, 2005 will be our 10th anniversary."
Q: "Why did you choose the coffee roasting business?"
A: "For one, that is the premier way of having absolutely the best product is to roast it yourself. That gives us a heads-up above all the other coffee shops around. You know exactly that you are using a premium product to make your coffee, because you purchased the raw product." This gives the Old Village Roaster the ability to guarantee the freshest cup of coffee in Huntington. "It evolved out of a hobby." For about 5 years before they opened the Village Roaster, Pete and Vicky were doing fairs and festivals, selling their fresh roasted peanuts and other products. "We started roasting coffee and it just escalated...demand grew."
Q: "What would you say has been your key to success?"
Cam's Ham A: "Quality Product, Quality Service and Guaranteed Fresh Product. And of course Customer Service... I think our customers really appreciate it."
Q: "Any advice to someone looking to start a small business in Huntington?"
A: "I would say Location for one is important. Believe in your product. Personal Service. We always advise people to 'Start Small'. Don't go head-over-heals into debt. Try to keep your overhead as low as possible, and grow as demand grows."
Q: "Do you have any plans for further growth of The Old Village Roaster?"
A: "I don't look to greatly expand. I tend to think that when you lose your own personal touch, you lose something important."
Pete and Vicky Cooper of the Old Village Roaster look to stay in Huntington, continuing to roast their excellent coffees and deliver their personalized service with a smile, and can be found at either of their locations: 919 4th Avenue and inside Empire Books and News at the Pullman Square. You can reach them by phone at (304) 697-1944.
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