Sept. 3, 2008
Logan County 'Trail of the Dead Haunted Trail' Seeks 'Dead-icated' Volunteers

By F. Keith Davis
Logan, WV (HNN) -- As the leaves begin to turn and the Halloween season approaches, many citizens will focus their thoughts toward eerie ghost encounters and monstrous mayhem.
According to the president of The Aracoma Story Inc., it's likely that fall's greatest number of horrifying ghostly manifestations will be reported on the local level originating from right here in Logan County.
"There is a very strong probability that hair-raising visitations from translucent apparitions and disturbing creatures will occur this fall right here in our vicinity, at Chief Logan State Park," said Jim Frye. Frye is a local businessman and president of The Aracoma Story Inc. (TAS).
He describes this chilling public event as the "Trail of the Dead Haunted Trail."
Frye says it's all good "scary fun" as TAS board members finalize blood-curdling plans for Logan County's first "Trail of the Dead Haunted Trail." The unusual outdoor event will begin on Wednesday night, Oct. 15 thru Oct. 18th; Oct. 22nd thru 25th; Oct. 29th, 30th and Nov. 1st. The trail will be open from 7:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. nightly.
"This will not be a typical haunted trail. Instead, it'll be an interactive Halloween experience like no other in our region," Frye said. "It'll first begin at the box office of the Liz Spurlock Amphitheatre, at Chief Logan State Park, and take place along the Shawnee Trail which runs directly behind our theater."
The haunted exploit will include a generous number of "dead-icated" cast members [with freakish costumes and high-end terrifying effects] that will bring the Halloween event to life. "We hope others who enjoy Halloween, theatre, make-up and fun [ages 16 and up] will join our team and be a part of this new event. Interested parties should contact our downtown office. This is the time to join our troupe."
TAS Board of Directors anticipate this event to be one of the most popular and creative projects to take place in the areaspecially for teenagers and young adults. Frye anticipates the response to be so great that the board could very well make the haunted trail an annual event.
"Trail of the Dead" is recommended for ages 12 and up due to its content. Those under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. "Trail of the Dead will take approximately 20 minutes to complete from start to finish." To fully experience the trail, visitors must be able to hike up to one-half mile along a sloping trail in the state park.
"The event will follow a storyline that can be previewed at," Frye said.
Actually, the interactive trail will take willing, but somewhat reluctant, participants on a bone-chilling quest to find an effective vaccine to stop an attack of the "Living Dead". As the story goes, the highly contagious "Living Dead" sickness produces gruesome "zombie-like" side effects in its victims. Of course, for the sake of everyone, the "anti-zombie vaccine" must be found for mankind's survival. In addition to the scary feat that is in order, the haunted trail will also be sprinkled with creative textures of unexpected humor and wit and will be entertaining for all who participate.
Event planners say each experience on the trail will be different with multiple outcomes and conclusions taking place. So, attendees who the full experience of the trail should participate on multiple occasions.
The organization says, near the box office there will also be other Halloween features each nighterhaps more traditional in nature for those who choose not to venture up the haunted trail. These activities will be appropriate for most age groups; however, parental discretion is still advised for all "Trail of the Dead" events.
For more information and for those interested in being a part of the "Trail of the Dead" team or future TAS productions, call (304) 752-0253; or email:
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