Nov. 2, 2009
Fenton Art Glass Featured on 'Dirty Jobs' on Discovery Channel
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Williamstown, WV (HNN) -- Glassworkers and other employees at the Fenton Art Glass Co. will appear with the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe in an episode scheduled to air on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009, at 9 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific time).
“I gained great respect for what these folks do,” Mike Rowe said. “They make it look easy, but I soon realized that it takes great skill and years of experience to do these jobs.”
“Many jobs at Fenton are ‘tough’ jobs,” said Fenton historian James Measell. “Mike Rowe tries his hand at glassblowing and pressing glass as well. He works with a team making what we call a ‘swung vase,’ and that’s fun to watch. Mike uses a heavy steel ladle with molten glass at 2000 degrees F., and he joins our pot-setting crew as they face an even hotter task. Later, he does some handpainted decorating on a glass T-shirt paperweight.”
After meeting Mike during the filming of the show, officials at Fenton agreed to offer several new products to benefit, a website started by Mike that is designed to provide resources and assistance to those in (or seeking to enter) the skilled trades and that generally celebrates hard work. "Our black T-shirt paperweight has one of Mike Rowe's great lines on it," said company president George Fenton. "It reads 'Get Ready to Get Dirty' and is handpainted." Other items include mikeroweWORKS paperweights, an Alley Cat figurine, and an art glass vase similar to one that Mike Rowe tried to make when he was at Fenton. These Fenton products can be seen at

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