Dec. 21, 2009
DEVOTION: The Fourth Sunday of Advent
By Beth Bondurant
After today... the color of all the Advent candles will be white... as we approach the "time that she should be delivered".... "the coming of the Christ child"... GOD WITH US....
White snow enveloped much of the east and many waited for hours... unable to go forward or back... vulnerably stuck on impassable roads.
Families with small children without food or drink... lacking warmth and safety.
Thousands who stayed inside during the snow storm... lost power and they, too, were at risk for keeping warm and fed.
Waiting... and wondering... what might happen next.
As stories emerge and people share their experiences... the "reason for the season" lights up the dark of danger and we begin to see the "star of God's peace" over us all.
To help one another... people went from car to car checking that everyone who was stranded kept safe. Resources were shared... food and water... and when there seemed to be "nothing"... fresh fallen snow was placed in empty water bottles to quench the thirst of little ones.
GOD WITH US is here in you and in me and we are a "called out people" to reflect God's light and love.
In the waiting... sometimes we can see more clearly... love more dearly the "reason for the season" as it is evident all around us ... even in the harshness of daily trials and tribulation.
Listen for the sound of Christmas bells... look for the flakes of goodness falling upon our heart, mind, soul and spirit... even as we walk... or drive through the valley.
Angels we have heard on high... are singing and fluttering all around us... it is a matter of believing. God with us... in us and through us is the reason for the season.
We receive God's gift of unconditional love and mercy each and everyday. Some days we are desperate and recognize incredible blessings!
Other days the goodness blends into the landscape of our expectant waiting... and becomes hidden in white on white... so much so that we are blinded to the power and presence of the prince of peace.
Take a few moments today and pray our spiritual eyes open to...

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